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PACBI-Canadian band attacked by Israel lobby group after playing song titled ĎApartheidí

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Three Little Birds | Mondoweiss | 26 July 2012

Canadian band attacked by Israel lobby group after playing song titled ĎApartheidí



The following article is a press release from a Canadian music group.

Ottawa musical group Three Little Birds sings “Apartheid” on CTV Morning Live, and is subsequently attacked by pro-Israel media watchdog HonestReporting Canada.

The band's segment on CTV promotes their self-titled debut album, Three Little Birds, and their performance at the Ottawa Jazz Festival. HonestReporting Canada's call for its subscribers to write to CTV and condemn the band's use of the term "apartheid" in reference to Israel is an attempt to censor open debate on the state of Israel's policies.

“We do not use the term 'apartheid' lightly,” says band member Angela Schleihauf. “According to the definition of apartheid under international law, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, and the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa Report, Israel is undoubtedly operating as an apartheid state.”

Three Little Birds' song “Apartheid” was originally a response to the banning of a poster at Carleton University that featured a cartoon representation of the Gaza Strip bombardment in 2008-2009, which killed over 1,400 Palestinians. The poster banning gained significant media attention, both in Canada and around the world, due to the questions it raised about censorship and Israel's policies.

“The song is our reaction to attempted censorship,” says Erin Adair. “It’s ironic that HonestReporting Canada is asking its subscribers to censor CTV's coverage of music and politics. They are calling upon CTV executives to never again present anyone on the air who criticizes the current actions of the state of Israel through use of the term 'apartheid’ like we did in our song.”

"Like any other country the policies and practices of the state of Israel should not be immune from debate and criticism" adds Amelia Leclair.

Posted on 27-07-2012

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