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PACBI-Enas AL-Muthaffar's Open Letter Regarding Kuttab Production

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Enas aL-Muthaffar | 25 August 2012

Enas AL-Muthaffar's Open Letter Regarding Kuttab Production

To whom It May Concern,


When Kuttab Productions first contacted me early July, it failed to mention that Israel is part of this project, although I specifically inquired about this issue. And then again, you sent me an email on July 9th, which also failed to mention that Israel is in fact part of your film production. I only knew about Israel being a co-producer of Jerusalem 24 when I asked specific technical questions about the characters, crew and the editing phase. I was surprised to know that the selected filmmakers are only requested to film on September 6th and that we have no say in the editing phase. Then, you said: The editing phase will happen in Germany where the Palestinian and the Israeli films will be edited in one feature length documentary. This is not information that can simply be passed on in such a way! 


I reject to be part of Jerusalem 24: a German/ Israeli/ Palestinian co-production for the following two main reasons:

·      I respect and support Palestinian civil society campaign for Boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel until it complies with International law and respects Palestinian rights.

·      I refuse to be part of a peace propaganda machine that continues to ignore Israel's cruel colonization of Palestine.

There is a longer list of reasons related to the current steps undertaken by Israel that aim at changing the demographic, social and cultural composition of the city of Jerusalem - to name few:

·      Advocating the largest act of de-population of East Jerusalem since 1967.

·      Continuing expansion of illegal settlements.

·      Renewal of closure of East Jerusalem Institutions.

·      Building restrictions and home demolitions.

·      Revoking residency rights and denying family reunification.

·      Continued illegal diggings under al-Aqsa mosque compound.


There is no way in which I can separate my art from who I am, from my life, from my duty to resist everything and anything that doesn't acknowledge my right to exist on my land in freedom and dignity.



Enas I. aL-Muthaffar 

Posted on 26-08-2012

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