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PACBI-Palestinian Call for Academic Boycott Receives Extensive South African Endorsement

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Palestinian Call for Academic Boycott Receives Extensive South African Endorsement

The Call for

Boycott issued by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of

Israel (PACBI) received today the critical endorsement of the South African Council of

Churches (SACC) -- representing millions -- and of more than a hundred South African

academics, including Dennis Brutus, John Pampallis, Steven Friedman, Adam Habib

and Judy Favish.

PACBI has called for a comprehensive boycott of Israeli academic

and cultural institutions due to their complicity in Israelís racist and colonial policies.

The Association of University Teachers (AUT) in Britain heeded that call in its Council

meeting on 22 April 2005, when it voted to boycott Bar-Ilan and Haifa Universities as

well as to consider boycotting the Hebrew University.

In October 2004, a similar

call for comprehensive boycott of Israel was endorsed by major South African

organizations and unions, including the Congress Of South African Trade Unions

(COSATU), Landless Peopleís Movement, South African NGO Coalition, Anti-War

Coalition and Physicians for Human Rights. That initiative, led by the Palestine

Solidarity Committee in South Africa, was modelled after the anti-apartheid boycott and

sanctions regime that eventually brought about democratic rule in South


This momentous support for boycotting Israel comes in the context of the

rapidly growing South African awareness and recognition of the significant parallels

between Israelís distinct form of apartheid and its South African predecessor. It also

expresses a laudable moral stand by South Africans in solidarity with the people of


Whatever the outcome of the frantic, well-oiled efforts by Israel and its

supporters to overturn the AUT boycott decisions, using misinformation, intimidation

and vilification of the boycott activists, the most significant achievement that will persist

is the fact that boycotting Israel has been solidly placed on the international agenda as

a morally and politically sound form of civil resistance to Israelís oppression of the


The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural

Boycott of Israel (PACBI)


P.O. Box 1701,

Ramallah, Palestine

May 19, 2005

Posted on 19-05-2005

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