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PACBI-From BDS France: Letter to Charles Aznavour

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BDS France | 23 October 2013

From BDS France: Letter to Charles Aznavour


 Mr. Charles Aznavour
c/o EMI Music France
118 rue du Mont Cenis
75891 Paris Cedex 18


Dear Mr Aznavour, 


In January 2011 you received the Scopus prize from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


In February 2011 Marie, a young Palestinian student, wrote you a fine letter in which she spoke about the suffering of the Palestinian people, the children's hopeless future, the forgotten lives, the stolen lands, the exile of so many men, women and children of Palestine.  She asked you to return that prize.  Her letter was so beautiful that we were convinced you couldn't remain unmoved by it, and it is hard for us now to find other words to ask you not to perform in Israel in November.  Because everything was said in that letter.  Because Marie's plea displayed all the respect she had for your life and your struggle for the recognition of the Armenian people. Because, like us, she had read the words of your song for Armenia and seen in them the picture of martyred peoples like those of Palestine.


And even if you curse your fate

I want to see in your eyes


A ray of hope.


We'd have liked to tell you, Mr Aznavour, that after the winter, after the hell, the tree of life was finally growing.


We'd have liked to tell you that after the horror and the fear, God had taken care of the wounded soil of Palestine.


We'd have liked to tell you that the world had reached out with an open heart and stood up for the people of Palestine, the forgotten people.


We'd have liked the magnificent song you wrote for Armenia in 1968 to  have heralded your support to all the oppressed peoples, including the Palestinian people, and kept you from accepting the Scopus prize and from going to sing in Tel Aviv in November.


Since 2011, the colonisation has been pursued unrelentingly, the theft of the land has continued, and the isolation of the Palestinian territories has been reinforced.  The Israeli parliament is about to adopt the Prawer plan, in the framework of the judaisation of the Negev, which will drive 45,000 to 70,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel from their land.


Mr Aznavour, don't go to sing in Israel.  Don't give your support to a gouvernment that ignores the rights of an entire people and subjects them to a policy of apartheid, as defined by the Russell Tribunal held in Cape Town in November 2011.  This is happening amidst the indifference of the international community.


Please take the path chosen by Stephen Hawking, Jean-Luc Godard, Gilles Vigneault, Vanessa Paradis and Dustin Hoffman, amongst others, who have refused to appear in Israel.


Please consider the significance of the commitment of personalities such as Desmond Tutu, Stéphane Hessel, Alice Walker, Ken Loach, Illan Pappe, Noam Chomsky, and so many others, who declared their support for the BDS (Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions) campaign against the policies of Israel. 





Yours sincerely,


for the BDS French Campaign

Posted on 23-10-2013

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