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PACBI-An Open Letter To All of You In The American Studies Association

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Roger Waters | 9 December 2013

An Open Letter To All of You In The American Studies Association

I have been reading with growing interest about the American Studies Association's up coming vote on their resolution to endorse an academic boycott on Israel.

I am just a simple musician, but I have been advocating a cultural boycott of Israel since 2007. I have no words to express my profound support for all of you in the academic world. 

Your stand is fundamentally important because it is acknowledged that you can not only feel, but think as well. Steven Hawking's refusal to go to Israel was a huge statement. We await your vote with bated breath.

Our movement is growing. Obviously we all believe in Universal Human Rights for all The People of the region, and/but  we also all know that the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and siege of Gaza is just, plain, wrong. 

So, not withstanding the opposition from the other lobby, which I know from personal experience can be formidable.
I stand, in solidarity with you, and the Palestinian people,  your friend.

Roger Waters 

Posted on 10-12-2013

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