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July 21, 2006


The crisis caused by the imperialist-backed Israeli state in their collective punishment of the Palestinians and the Lebanese people has demanded an urgent response.

On the 19th July 2006, a broad meeting of representatives from various organizations decided to set up a broad front of progressive organizations, called SANCTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL COALITION. The Coalition comprises the following: Cosatu, Nactu, Workers World Media Productions, Anti-War Coalition, MJC, Qibla, AlQuds Foundation, MYM-SA, Mewusa.

WPCC, the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church sent apologies. Many more organizations are expected to join in due course. The call to set up a broad front came from a mass protest meeting attended by over 1000 people at Rylands High School on Sunday 16 th July. This meeting was addressed by Cosatu, the Muslim Judicial Council, MJC, and the Anti-War Coalition. The resolutions from the Rylands High mass meeting are attached.

The main theme of the Coalition is to mobilise for immediate sanctions against Israel. While we are calling for the SA government to cut all economic and diplomatic ties with Israel, we are also mobilising for immediate workers sanctions on a national and international scale. Each of the Coalition members will be mobilising their own constituencies as well for additional steps and actions. We are mobilising for a mass march to Parliament on Sat 5 th August 2006. We are also making a call for Coalition committees to be set up in every town and every workplace and for other centres to also mobilise for mass marches on the 5th August 2006. The Coalition called for the unions to consider calling a General Strike in support of economic sanctions against Israel.

The Coalition also rejected the UN resolution that calls for disarming Hezbollah without disarming Israel. This resolution is not balanced, nor is the call for the return of the captured Israeli soldiers without the release of the kidnapped Palestinian parliamentarians and other political prisoners.

All progressive organizations are invited to join the Coalition- the next meeting being at Community House,41 Salt River rd, Salt River on Wed 26 th July 2006 at 630pm.

Contact: [email][/email]

Shaheed Mahomed
Sanctions Against Israel Coalition
Ph 0822020617
Also contact:
Cosatu: Mike Louw: ph: 0844777104
Muslim Judicial Council: Abdul Khaliq Allie: ph: 021 6968505
Nactu: Abdurahmaan Adams: ph: 0848078233
Anti-War Coalition: Anna Weekes: ph 0725036625

Resolutions from the mass protest meeting held at Rylands High School on 16 th July 2006

The meeting was called to protest against the collective punishment of Palestinians and the Lebanese by the imperialist-backed Israeli state. Ever since the election of Hamas there has been a war of attrition waged by imperialism to depose the democratically elected Palestinian Authority. Cutting of funds, the June beach massacre and now the destruction of the power plant, infrastructure and the mass killing of civilians has raised a public outcry against the Israeli state. The mass meeting attended by over 1000 people resolved as follows:

1. It is important that all progressive sectors of South African society be mobilised for a united response to the plight of the Palestinians and the Lebanese. To this end an urgent meeting of all religious groupings, unions, social movements and progressive civil society should be called to map out an urgent plan of action.

2. There should be an immediate boycott of all Israeli goods.

3. There should be mobilisation towards a national day of action.

4. There should be immediately sanctions imposed on Israel. There should be workers sanctions so that no goods leave from our ports or airports to Israel or from it. There should be no handling of Israeli goods.

5. Diplomatic ties should be cut with Israel with immediate effect.

6.There should be further mobilisation to more mass rallies to voice our protest.

7. The SA government must be pressured to take an active stance against Israel and not just pay lip-service to solidarity.

8. SA should play the role of moral leader in this matter;

9. A consumer boycott of selected American products such as Coke, MacDonalds and Kentucky. The final list will be decided in due course;

10. The people of South Africa should make a collection for the Palestinians and force the SA government to transfer funds to the Palestinian Authority.

11. An urgent collection of Medical equipment to be sent to Palestine;

12. There should be consideration for the calling of General strike in support of the Palestinian and Lebanese people;

13. Cosatu, among others, should do research to compile a comprehensive list of Israeli products;

14. The SA government should immediately stop arms sales to the US;

15. Protests should also target the G8 embassies for their support for Israel;

16. A mass collection of blankets and such items, for the Palestinians and Lebanese;

17. All South African citizens currently serving in the Israeli army should be recalled and should be prosecuted.

Posted on 21-07-2006

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