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July 29, 2006

Appeal from Palestinian Women

Statement issued at a demonstration in Ramallah on July 29, 2006

Mr. Kofi Annan
Secretary-General of the United Nations

Dear Mr. Annan,

We, the women of Palestine, are appalled by the criminal aerial bombardment by Israel of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese civilians and of the civil infrastructures of Palestine and Lebanon. Millions of Arab women ask when the United Nations will assume its responsibility in securing and safeguarding human lives in our area. We ask why the United Nations and the international community remain silent and helpless in the face of the wanton destruction and massacres perpetrated by the state of Israel and its American ally. We demand to know why the United Nations allows the state of Israel, and only Israel, to act in total violation of all UN resolutions and international human rights standards.

For us, women of Palestine, we shall never give up our national right to self determination and independence, and we shall never relinquish our right to resist the cruel and criminal policies of the Israeli state against our people in Palestine and Lebanon. Towards that end, we call upon international civil society to shoulder its moral responsibilities and join the growing movement to isolate apartheid Israel through a comprehensive regime of boycotts, divestment initiatives, and calls for sanctions against Israel.

Mr. Secretary-General, we believe that it is about time to take a firm stand against the double-standard policy pursued by the UN and its so-called Security Council. We call upon you to convene the General Assembly immediately to issue an unequivocal order to stop immediately the killing of our peoples in Palestine and Lebanon. Let the whole world take a stand against the destruction, killing and massacres carried out by the state of Israel and supported by the United States. We call upon you to deploy immediately UN forces to protect our peoples and our children from the Israeli killing machine. We call upon you to activate the pile of UN resolutions to resolve all aspects of the Israeli-Arab conflict, in particular the withdrawal of Israel from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, South Lebanon, and the Golan Heights of Syria, and to implement Resolution 194 to bring justice to Palestinian refugees.

We assure you, Mr. Secretary-General, that we shall never give up on our rights to resist the death and destruction inflicted upon us by the state of Israel until the United Nations assumes its responsibility for bringing real peace and justice to our area. May our blood and the blood of our newborn children help the UN and the International community to live up to their claims that they believe in human rights, democracy, world peace, and security.

Without justice, there can be no peace.

On behalf of Palestinian womens organizations
Womens Affairs Committee

Posted on 30-07-2006

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