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PACBI-Cosatu slams US foreign policy

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Independent Online (SA) | July 29, 2006

Cosatu slams US foreign policy

The foreign policy of the United States, its support for Israel, and the Jewish state's perceived aggression against its neighbours came under strong attack from a senior ANC member at a Congress of SA Trade Unions provincial congress in Cape Town on Saturday.

According to a Cosatu discussion document circulated at the event, the US, following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 80s, has emerged "as a hegemonic force that will do anything to pursue its interest".

The document says the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US "marked a shift... to naked aggression and defiance of multi-lateralism".

ANC Western Cape chairman James Ngculu told the congress the world was now vulnerable to American imperialism.

Together with Britain, the US has "not hesitated to brazenly support Israel" in its recent attack on its northern neighbour, Lebanon, and its incursions into Palestinian territory.

He said the ANC view was "what Israel is doing it will never stop" because it had the support of the US.

On the situation in the Middle East, and referring specifically to Israel, Ngculu noted there were "a number of suggestions as to how South Africa should respond", but he did not elaborate.

A document titled Resolutions, distributed at the conference, calls for "a strong, determined and sustained boycott and sanctions campaign against Israel until the end of its occupation of Palestinian and Lebanese territories".

It suggests local trade unions should themselves implement "boycotts and blacking action" against goods imported from or destined for Israel, and not to "facilitate any El Al (the Israeli national carrier) or other flights to and from Israel".

The document further calls for South Africa to break all diplomatic ties with Israel, and recall all its diplomatic staff.

Ngculu said Israel was guilty of "wanton killing against innocent people".

Earlier, Palestinian activist and former hijacker Leila Khaled, who is on a visit to South Africa, urged union members to "call on your government to withdraw your ambassador from Israel".

Last week, Minister in the Presidency Essop Pahad was reported as saying that while government was not currently entertaining thoughts of cutting diplomatic ties with Israel, it was open to debate on the issue. - Sapa

Posted on 30-07-2006

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