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PACBI-Israel cricket match in Glasgow cancelled

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Scottish PSC | August 2, 2006

Israel cricket match in Glasgow cancelled

Antiwar campaigners have been informed by police that tomorrows scheduled cricket match involving Israel in Glasgow has been cancelled. The organisers were unable to find a venue large enough for the planned protests. However, the matches on Saturday and Sunday are still on, though antiwar groups are maintaining that they should be cancelled given the ongoing situation in Lebanon.

Commenting, Osama Saeed of the Muslim Association of Britain said:

This is fabulous news, though we would wish that the decision had been taken earlier by the organisers on the grounds of principle rather than practicality. Theres a war taking place at the moment, with Israel as the aggressor, and its insensitive for them to being playing cricket in Glasgow at the moment. We hope that the same decision will be taken on the weekend matches.

Nicola Fisher of the Stop the War Coalition said:

Were pleased the match has been cancelled as we dont believe Israel should be afforded the legitimacy of taking part in these sporting occasions. The European Cricket Council should cancel the other matches involving Israel too.

Bilal Anwar of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies said:

This is a victory for peace-loving Glaswegians who have tried to stop this match. The message to all Israeli institutions is that theyre not welcome in Glasgow.

Mick Napier of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign said:

Twice in the same day, amidst concerns for the security of their games, the Israeli cricket team in Glasgow has cancelled the venues it had been allocated to play. They shifted yesterday to the Glasgow Academicals ground, protected by a brutal two metre spiked fence perimeter, and then cancelled even this arrangement.

The security concerns are the result of widespread revulsion among the public over the massacres by Israeli soldiers of Lebanese and Palestinians they fear, correctly, that the appearance of off-duty Israeli soldiers in cricketing whites will provoke widespread protests. They are right. The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign calls for intensified pressure to have this tour cancelled by the cricketing authorities and the Israeli soldiers asked to leave Scotland.

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Peace & Justice Centre, Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 4BJ (0131) 620 0052

Posted on 03-08-2006

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