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August 1, 2006


The National Executive Committee of Jubilee South Africa wishes to add its voice to those of millions round the world on the barbaric war unleashed by the Apartheid State of Israel against the people of Palestine and Lebanon.

Israel used the pretext of the capture of three of its soldiers in combat, one by Palestinian fighters in Gaza and two by Palestinians in Southern Lebanon. As if the capture of soldiers in war was a sacrilege (notwithstanding the continuing imprisonment of thousands of Palestinian combatants by the Apartheid State), Israel visited upon Palestinians in all sectors the most brutal reprisals yet. The Hamas Government in the South and the Hezbollah organization in the North became special targets. The typical opening up of a war on two fronts is reminiscent of the bellicose Nazi war machine wreaking campaigns of collective punishment against European people East and West of Germany during World War Two. As in the case of both of its antecedents in Germany and in South Africa, the Apartheid State of Israel is at its best as a killer of human beings when it targets civilians and civilian organizations. What is happening in Beirut and several villages in Southern Lebanon, including the slaughter in Qana on the weekend, is a tale of woe already notorious on the Gaza front. The oppressed and exploited people of the world cannot stand any more atrocities coming from Israel.

To the working people of the whole world we want of join our hands with those of COSATU in South Africa when it calls upon you to rise up against not only Israel but indeed all oppressive regimes throughout the world that support the human shame of its actions. We call upon you all not to load any strategic goods bound for Israel into motorised transports by land, by air or by sea, especially military weapons and materials. We call upon you to demand on your governments that they should cut all diplomatic ties with Israel, declare an embargo on trade with this criminal state and isolate the political regime into a pariah among the nations of the world. In particular we call upon the working masses in South Africa to demand of the Mbeki Government that it should remember where it come from and act accordingly.

To the people of Palestine and Lebanon we want to say: You are not alone in this war! You stand in the vanguard of the fight for the recovery of the whole Middle East from the clutches of greedy nations and social classes. We stand in firm solidarity with you!

To the solidarity movement in favour of the people of Palestine and Lebanon, especially the Palestinian Solidarity Committee, we want to reiterate our pledge to you that Jubilee South Africa, and the masses of the poor people who work in it, is a detachment of your forces, limb of your limbs. We shall continue to march with you despite the bitter rigors of the road of struggle. We are at one with you in all your demands and in all the battles you offer on the field!

To the governments of the United States and Israel we say: hands off the People of Palestine! Hands off the People of Lebanon!! Hands off the People of the Middle East!!!

Issued by: The National Executive Committee
Jubilee South Africa
12 floor Auckland House
185 Smit Street

Patrons: Prof Fatima Meer; Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, Ms Yasmin Sooka, Bishop Mvume Dandala, Moulana Faried Esack, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, Dr Barney Pityana, Rev Charity Majiza, Adv Rams Ramashia, Ms Sheena Duncan, Bishop Kevin Dowling, Prof Dennis Brutus, Rev Peter Grove, Mr. Don Mattera, Ms Graca Machel, Adv Dumisa Ntsebeza

Please Contact: Brand Nthako(Program Coordinator)
011 403 7622/ 4 or 084 288 2322

M.P. Giyose (National Chairperson)
046 624 0557 or 082 350 0361

1 August 2006

Posted on 04-08-2006

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