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Gulf Daily News | September 2, 2006

Call to Boycott Zionist State

FIVE Bahraini human rights organisations have joined a regional petition calling for the freezing of Israel's membership in the United Nations. They include the now-dissolved Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, Al Tajdeed Cultural Society, Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights, the Women's Petition Committee on Sharia Courts and a group of committees on housing, naturalisation and employment rights.

A total of 51 Arab non-governmental organisations have joined forces to send the petition to officials at the UN.

"The war launched by Israel against Lebanon is but a new addition to its long heritage of violation of international law, supported by an international silence and obvious complicity that constitute a betrayal to all human rights principles," the groups said in a joint statement.

"The Israeli aggression continues since July 12 and until this very moment despite resolution 1071 of a ceasefire, the last of a series of resolutions that are constantly ignored by the Israeli government creating a scene of extraordinary contradictions.

"For the second time Israel bombs Qana, deliberately killing children, women, the elderly and disabled and the governments of the 'civilised world' consider that it is the existence of the Lebanese resistance and its defence of its land and self which is an act of terror!

"A state which continues to breach international law as a solid base of its daily behaviour cannot be accepted as a member of the UN and should be on top of the list of international terrorist organisations."

The statement appeals to all human rights organisations to join the call for "total isolation of the state of Israel until it submits to UN resolutions and stops blackmailing the international community with impunity and lack of accountability".

"We especially appeal to our colleagues in human rights organisations in those European countries which refused to endorse the UN council's resolution, to remind their governments and peoples of their historical struggles against their occupants and for their own independence," it adds.

Posted on 02-09-2006

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