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PACBI- Tulkarem Refugees Call for Israel Boycott in Trade Fair

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WAFA | September 24, 2006

Tulkarem Refugees Call for Israel Boycott in Trade Fair

TULKAREM, September 24, 2006 (WAFA)- Tulkarem Refugees and other institutions called to boycott Israeli products, said Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign.

In trade fair that is taking place in Tulkarem city, Palestinian citizens and traders gathered in the refugee camp to buy and sell Palestinian products in a statement of boycott and resistance to the Israeli occupation.

Goods produced in the camp itself were on sale, including carob energy drinks, children's clothes and packaged cakes. Local people browsed the stalls while children from the camp entertained onlookers with drumming and dancing.

The message of the meeting was to remind the population that boycott is a culture and a way of resisting occupation, the checkpoints and everything that the occupation is trying to impose on the Palestinian people.

Israeli goods dominate the Palestinian market. Over the next ten days, the Tulkarem trade fair will gather over a hundred businesses and farmers, many of them from Tulkarem camp itself, as part of a growing movement to boycott Israeli goods and promote Palestinian production.

H.M. (20:56 P) (18:56 GMT)

Posted on 25-09-2006

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