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PACBI-Atlantic Homecare Removes Israeli Stock

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Indymedia Ireland | November 25, 2006

Atlantic Homecare Removes Israeli Stock

Atlantic Homecare in Limerick today took all its Israeli stock off their shelves and put Out of Stock stickers on produce too big to move in response to a picket outside their store by the Limerick branch of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The group displayed large posters calling on Atlantic HC to stop supporting Apartheid Israel, handed out fliers to shoppers and spoke to people entering the store. Security guards asked the campaigners to move but they refused. following discussion with the store manager Clive Long, he then agreed to remove all their Israeli produce, mainly made up of Keter plastic wheelbarrows, garden sheds and storage boxes. He undertook to keep the produce off the shelves until Monday when the IPSC can discuss the matter further with Atlantic HC head office.

This unprecedented move highlights the importance of targetting shops stocking Israeli produce and how even small, local actions can be very effective. Keeping the public informed about Israeli produce in our shops is paramount to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and even small successes such as todays are really encouraging.

Having seen all the Israeli produce being physically removed from the shop floor on pallet trolleys, the campaigners thanked the manager for acting with conscience and ended the protest as agreed.

Todays action is part of an ongoing campign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Apartheid Israel run by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Posted on 26-11-2006

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