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PACBI-Final Declaration of EuroMed Civil Forum (Excerpt on Palestine), Marrakesh, November 8, 2006

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EuroMed Non-Governmental Platform | November 8, 2006

Final Declaration of EuroMed Civil Forum (Excerpt on Palestine), Marrakesh, November 8, 2006


The situation in Palestine is worsening daily, violence and terror exercised by the Israeli Army against civil populations accompanied by further colonization, strategically aim at depriving Palestinians of all conditions to create a viable State within its 1967 borders and Jerusalem as its capital. The situation is also depriving them of any freedom of movement and access to natural resources, being closed within the wall as they are.

Given that the principles of human rights and international law are an essential part of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, we state that in those cases of evident violation of the pre-conditions for any kind of co-operation, the EU should act consistently, including the temporary suspension of co-operation agreements, ENP action plans or other economic sanctions. In that sense, we call the EU representatives not to legitimate those members of government who have evident links to human rights violations.

Putting an end to hostilities under the aegis of the international community should not leave out the need to determine the responsibilities of all parties in the conflict, to sanction war crimes and to guarantee to the victims their right to compensation, including the application of the Treaty of Rome.

For the full text of the Final Declaration go to:

Posted on 29-11-2006

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