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PACBI-Labour Youth calls for Israel Boycott to mark UN Day of Solidarity with Palestine

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Labour Youth (Ireland) | November 28, 2006

Labour Youth calls for Israel Boycott to mark UN Day of Solidarity with Palestine

Labour Youth will mark November 29th, the United Nations day of solidarity with Palestine by calling for a boycott of all Israeli goods and services as well as support for the educational and cultural boycott of Israel.

Speaking ahead of the UN day of solidarity, Labour Youth National Chairperson Patrick Nulty said "As an organisation, Labour Youth has a proud tradition of solidarity actions with the Palestinian people and wishes to mark this year's international day of solidarity by reiterating its call for a boycott of all Israeli goods until such time as they respect international law and norms for human rights."

"The Israeli regime is guilty of flagrantly and systematically ignoring international and human rights law. They have turned the Gaza strip into the world's biggest prison while attempting to annex vast swathes of arable land in the West Bank as well as East Jerusalem with its illegal wall. It seems that further hardship has descended once more over some of the world's most vulnerable people - and the international community merely looks on."

"In recent memory, the closest comparison with the plight of the Palestinian people is the apartheid state in South Africa. In upholding the universal values of democracy, human rights and respect for international law, the international community forced a supremacist government to change their stance; ending decades of racial oppression in the process. It is incumbent on the international community to apply the same logic and standards to the oppressive Israeli regime. In short, boycotts do work - it is only leadership and political will that is lacking."


Labour Youth is the youth section of the Labour Party in Ireland, with over 1000 members in constituencies and colleges across the country. For more information please contact:

Patrick Nulty (Chairperson): 087-9688259

Posted on 29-11-2006

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