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PACBI-Gaza Healthworkers Call for Sanctions against Israeli Institutions of Occupation

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November 29, 2006

Gaza Healthworkers Call for Sanctions against Israeli Institutions of Occupation

From Gaza, where we write as different health NGOs and individuals working in the health field, we send our deep feelings of appreciation for your gathering. We see it as a genuine attempt to say stop enough of ongoing health violations of human rights by Israel. These have greatly intensified during the last 4 months of the ongoing Israeli military operation against Gaza.

During the latest assault against the village of Beit Hanoun in the north of Gaza, civilians were greatly affected by the brutal practices of the Israeli army during six continuous days. Women in labour gave birth on the road while waiting for permission to go to hospital. Some of the injured bled to death while waiting for the same permission. Four emergency health rescue officers were killed while on duty and wearing clearly visible uniform. Within the last 4 months, the movement of ambulances was greatly hindered by the army.

We, the Palestinian health providers in the non governmental sector express our deep concern at the rapid deterioration of health conditions.

A whole nation of 1.4 million is living under disastrous humanitarian conditions. We have endured without electricity for a continuous 4 month period, we watch daily as increasing numbers of cancer patients die while waiting to cross the borders for futher treatment in Egyptian hospitals they were denied the right of treatment because of the imposed border closure between Gaza and Egypt. Economic sanctions imposed by Western governments have left 70% of Gazans living below the poverty level . As a consequence 42% of Gaza children under 5 years of age suffer from iron deficiency anaemia. Post traumatic stress disorder has reached 60% amongst children in the north of Gaza , where the atrocities reached their maximum.

Medics are working under fire. Many hospitals were either randomly attacked or besieged, preventing the injured from reaching them as happened recently in Beit Hanoun.

Mindful of the sanctions unfairly imposed on the entire Palestinian people by the USA, Britain and the EU, it is time now for all of us who believe in justice and peace, believe in humanity as one family, and in solidarity between health workers worldwide, to take a further step and stronger stand a non violent act of sanctions against Israeli health institutions, those various universities and hospitals that support the inhuman acts against Palestinian people through the Israeli occupation. At the same time we need to strengthen our relations and bonds with those courageous Israeli health institutions and organizations who refuse the brutal acts of the Israeli occupation and work hard for peace and stability in the region, based on recognition of the Palestinian peoples inalienable rights.

From our big prison where we are incarcerated in our own country, where we do not feel that any place is safe or anybody is immune, where we cannot even protect our children or our patients, we thank you for your solidarity. We hope for a better future for generations to come when this conflict ends and this Israeli occupation passes into history, along with the South African apartheid regime.


Palestinian Non Govermental Organisations networking (PNGO)
health sector organisations of PNGO
Union of Health Work Committees
Palestinian Red Crescent Society
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme
Union of Palestinian Health Welfare Committees
Medical Relief Society

University Teachers' Association-Palestine

The Independent Palestinian Association for Tracking Israeli War Criminals
The Arab Forum
The Nasserist Current

AlAWDA hospital emergency room nurses and doctors - Jabalia refugee camp
Ambulance drivers of AlAwda hospital
Community based Rehabilitation Center

Union of Palestinian Women Committees
Adameer for Human Rights Association
Middle East Children's Alliances - Gaza

Dr. Mona Elfarra
Dr. R. Muhanna
Dr. Yuosef Moussa
Dr. Aed Yagi
Dr. Tayseer Sultan

and many more living and working in Gaza

for more information please contact

Dr. Mona ElFarra - Gaza, AlAwda hospital health and development consultant, human rights and women activist in Gaza


Posted on 04-12-2006

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