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PACBI-Ilan Pappe refuses to participate in the Salon du livre of Paris

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Silvia Cattori | March 3, 2008

Ilan Pappe refuses to participate in the Salon du livre of Paris

Dear Friends,

As you probably know the Salon du Livre this year is dedicated to Israel 60th anniversary. I assumed, and hoped, that the events organized by La Fabrique [1] would not be part of this Salon. I was wrong and was saddened to learn that they are an integral part of the programme. The decision to associate the Salon this year with the celebration of Israels sixty years of Independence has caused many Palestinian, Arab and progressive writers and artists to withdraw and boycott the fair. One would assume that the recent genocidal Israeli attacks on Gaza would cause many others to follow suit.

Under these circumstances I can not myself participate in any direct way in the Salon. I suggest that we all convene in a new date outside the days of the Salon so as not be associated with its celebrations of Israels independence and its total denial of the Palestinian Nakbah.

However, I understand if La Fabrique and other participants would not accept this position, in which I case I will withdraw myself from the events.

Yours sincerely

Ilan Pappe
March, 2. 2008

Posted on 04-03-2008

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