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PACBI-First lawsuit against Israeli soldiers in Spain

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First lawsuit against Israeli soldiers in Spain

Madrid. Six survivors together with relatives of the victims caused by a bomb launched by the Israeli Army on July 22, 2002 against Gaza, will bring a lawsuit in the Audiencia Nacional (National Court). Although this is not the first time people have asked this Court to deal with crimes against humanity, it is the first time that the victims of an Israeli targeted attack in the Palestinian territories have asked the Court by themselves. The lawsuit, 35 pages long, explains in detail why these events should be considered war crimes subject to universal jurisdiction: the attack was disproportionate.

One target: fifteen casualties.
Around midnight, an Israeli war plane launched a one ton bomb over the Gaza neighbourhood of Al Daraj. The target was Salah Shehadeh, a suspect HAMAS commander. The bomb destroyed his house and seven more at the same time.

Thirty more people were also affected, fifteen died and one hundred and fifty sustained injuries of various degrees. The lawsuit is against the Israeli Defence Minister, Benjamin Be-Eliezer, and six people under his orders.

The victims were told by an Israeli court that the attack was proportionate. However, the international community considered it illegal and disproportionate, especially taking into account the sophisticated Israeli military technology.

Posted on 29-06-2008

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