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Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign | 2016/05/24
Listowel Writers’ Week refusal to accept Israeli state funding welcomed by artists and human rights campaigners

Today’s decision by Listowel Writers’ Week Festival to refuse funding from the Israeli Embassy in Ireland has been welcomed by artists, human rights campaigners and Palestine solidarity activists in Ireland, and is being hailed as victory for the growing Palestinian-led global Boycott, Divestment an....

Mostafa Heddaya | Hyperallergic | 19 September 2014
Brooklyn Book Festival Participants Sign Petition Denouncing Israeli Government Funding

In response to the Israeli consulate’s sponsorship of a panel discussion at the Brooklyn Book Festival, Adalah-NY has released an open letter and petition denouncing the funding as a violation of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.....

Lisa Taraki and Mark LeVine | Aljazeera | 13 August 2011
Why boycott Israel?

Author and history professor Mark LeVine speaks with sociologist Lisa Taraki, a co-founder of the Palestinian campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.....

Yitzhak Laor | Haaretz | 25 June 2010
Yes, Kahane lives; Kahanism is flourishing in Israel's universities.

On July 29, 1986, extreme right-wing MK Meir Kahane submitted another no-confidence proposal: "The government‘s refusal to discuss the disintegration of Zionist ideology, which endangers the existence of the Jewish state." According to Kahane: "Since the beginning of political Z....

Yitzhak Laor | Haaretz | July 25, 2008
Putting out a contract on art

A few years ago, I was invited to a poetry festival in Barcelona. I was happy. I dutifully faxed my poems, had them translated into two languages - Catalonian and Castilian - and checked whatever I could check. Then, in the midst of the dialogue-by-fax, the deal was canceled, the invitation withdraw....

Alternative Information Center (AIC) | May 21, 2008
From the Fair to the Frontier: The Turin Book Fair and the Changing European Position Towards Israel

The Turin Book Fair is over, luckily without any “victims” on the field of battle. Maybe the term “victims” is overdone, perhaps even tasteless considering that there are real victims—men and women—every day in Palestine/Israel. Still, maybe not too far off the mark if one thinks of the ruckus raise....

Haaretz | March 20, 2008
ART etc. / Paris review

PARIS - Forty people, all pleased-as-punch, made their way to this city. They are writers. They are the 40 heroes who were selected from the entire pen-wielding community of Israel, including the territories, to represent the country at the annual Salon du Livre Paris International Book Fair. They w....

Counterpunch | February 5, 2008
Pandering to the New Prejudices: Why I Will Not Participate in the Turin Book Fair

When I agreed to participate in the Turin Book Fair, which I have done before, I had no idea that the 'guest of honour' was Israel and its 60th birthday. But this is also the 60th anniversary of what the Palestinian call the 'nakba'the disaster that befell them that year, when they were expelled fro....

Dan Izenberg | The Jerusalem Post | May 20, 2007
Palestinians 'academically boycotted'

Academics and university presidents should protest the government's restrictions on Palestinian university students while Israel fights against a proposed academic boycott by British universities, a human rights organization said Sunday.....

Yitzhak Laor | London Review of Books | August 17, 2006
You are terrorists, we are virtuous

As soon as the facts of the Bint Jbeil ambush, which ended with relatively high Israeli casualties (eight soldiers died there), became public, the press and television in Israel began marginalising any opinion that was critical of the war. The media also fell back on the kitsch to which Israelis gro....

Records: 0 - 10 of 13



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