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14 February 2014
Statements by signatories to the Artists Pledge for Palestine

 This is a selection of the dozens of statements we received (Published on our website from Saturday) As the son of a Jewish refugee, the anger and despair I feel can only faintly echo that of the people of Gaza. Art is a celebration of humanity, and the symbolic gesture of refusing any artis....

Chen Tamir | Hyperallergic | 3 february 2015
A Report on the Cultural Boycott of Israel

The following report surveys the pressing topic of the cultural boycott of Israel, focusing specifically on contemporary visual art. Without taking sides, this document synthesizes information on the recent trend to boycott and includes summaries of notable recent incidents around the world of boyco....

Shany Littman | Haaretz | 8 January 2015
The quiet boycott: When Israeli art is out

For most Israelis, the cultural boycott of the country is felt mainly when a famous singer or a movie star decides not to come here to perform or attend a film festival. But the boycott, which has been in place officially since 2005 as part of the wider campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions....

Debra Nussbaum Cohen | Haaretz | 17 August 2014
U.S. students ramp up BDS movement in wake of Gaza war

Operation Protective Edge triggers growth of anti-Israel student groups - including Jewish members; Pro-Israel groups counter movement by boosting leadership training.....

19 August 2014
A Call to People of Conscience Not to Speak at the University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Until Chancellor Wise Honor the Contract to Hire Professor Steven Salaita

In solidarity with the Campus Faculty Association of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), which has called upon Chancellor Wise to reverse her decision to revoke the offer of appointment made to Professor Steven Salaita in October 2013, and in consultation with concerned faculty me....

IJAN | 7 August 2014
Jewish survivors and descendents of survivors of Nazi genocide unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

As Jewish survivors and descendents of survivors of the Nazi genocide we unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine.....

Adam Horowitz | Mondoweiss | 24 July 2014
Jews Say: End the War on Gaza No Aid to Apartheid Israel!

On July 12, 2014, Gaza civil society issued an urgent appeal for solidarity, asking: How many of our lives are dispensable enough until the world takes action? How much of our blood is sufficient?....

Philip Weiss | Mondoweiss | 5 July 2014
Largest British union refuses to offer support for peace talks

Unite, Britains biggest trade union and the leading labor union backer of the Labour Party, voted this week to support BDS, the boycott/divestment/sanctions movement, but also to reject the peace process. The report is at Middle East Monitor:....

Victoria Brittain | Open Democracy | 5 May 2014
New media and the changing narrative on Palestine

The new activism of a young generation in the US has largely come out of the multiplicity and consistency of a new media narrative confidently mushrooming from a new generation of educated Palestinians. ....

Adam Gallagher | 18 March 2014
The Medias Effects on BDS

As Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to present Israeli and Palestinian negotiators with yet another framework agreement, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction movement (BDS) has been increasingly presented in the media as a legitimate social movement aimed at securing rights for Palestinians in ....

Records: 11 - 21 of 92



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