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PACBI-Charity in Amman Returns Tickets to Cirque du Soleil over Boycott

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Refrain Playing Israel | 19 June 2012

Charity in Amman Returns Tickets to Cirque du Soleil over Boycott


A growing campaign asking Cirque du Soleil to boycott Israel is spanning the globe, from Montreal to Amman. Cirque du Soleil’s plans to entertain apartheid Israel have not gone unnoticed in Amman, Jordan, which has a majority population of Palestinians who have been displaced by the zionist state and often live in refugee camps.

The Jordan Times announced in May that Cirque du Soleil would be performing in Amman.  Friends of Jordan Festivals (FJF) approached charity societies, inviting them to buy tickets and provide them to underprivileged children for free, and one organization in Jordan has decided to reject an offer of 30 free tickets to the upcoming show in Amman.  

Dr. Momen Hadidi (Director of the National Center for Forensic Medicine) and  Head of the Jordanian team for Family Protection Project, a society for the protection of victims of domestic violence,  became aware of Cirque du Soleil's intention to entertain apartheid Israel, and the ongoing campaign to ask Cirque du Soleil to cancel their shows in Israel.  The 30 tickets were then returned.

The Jordan campaign to ask Cirque du Soleil to respect the boycott said: 

We thank Dr. Hadidi for this wonderful position on this and we call on all societies and institutions that were given the free tickets to go back and take a clear position against the normalization of apartheid.


For more information on campaign in Amman, see

Posted on 21-06-2012

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