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PACBI-Motion for Suspension of the Israeli Association of United Architects (IAUA) from the International Union of Architects(UIA)

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27 May 2014

Motion for Suspension of the Israeli Association of United Architects (IAUA) from the International Union of Architects(UIA)

Dear Mr. Hodder,
We were very encouraged by the excellent and courageous RIBA Council Motion of 19th March 2014 calling for the suspension of the Israeli Association of United Architects (IAUA) from the International Union of Architects (UIA) due to their direct involvement in architectural practice in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). The OPT are built on the oppression and dispossession of Palestinians, through extreme violence, land expropriation and ethnic cleansing. The present discriminatory situation in housing, building and planning experienced by Palestinians on both sides of the 'Green Line' has been well documented and widely condemned by the United Nations, European Union, and other international bodies.
Unfortunately, following the courageous move by the RIBA Council, we are now witnessing the extent of pressure and intimidation by pro-Israeli pressure groups on both sides of the Atlantic – as reported in the press – in an attempt to quash the motion.<>

The UIA has now reportedly assured the Israeli Architects' Union (IAUA), that the motion will not be on the agenda of the forthcoming UIA General Assembly in South Africa.<>


If this is true, then it would undermine the UIA’s role as a defender of architectural ethics and the duty of architects to service the whole community that they build for, without discrimination, and undermine the UIA's very own Resolution 13, which specifically condemns the projects that are being built by Israeli architects in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in contravention of the Geneva Conventions.   
These latest attempts to block the RIBA Council Motion from even reaching debate at the UIA Assembly, where all world members can decide, is alarming for two main reasons.  First, if these press reports are true, our fear is that the democratic voice of RIBA Council members is being squashed by an influential lobby that is acting in conjunction with some of the RIBA’s highest officials, who are therefore behaving in an unethical manner.
Second, and what is particularly concerning, is that this issue might now be deferred for consideration by the UIA for yet another three years, all in the interests of Israeli architects and of Israeli policy generally in the West Bank. This would come after decades of frenzied settlement expansion, with no regard to international law or professional ethics, while the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people continues, such as denying them any chance of a their own state or even of democratic equality under the present arrangement.
We believe – as Palestinians in general, and as architects, planners, artists and academics in specific –  that the RIBA Council Motion is a crucial move in the face of illegal and unjust Israeli architectural practices that breach ethical codes. It is essential to resist the ongoing spatial fragmentation of Palestinian land and communities. After all, architecture is about creating habitable spaces not destroying them.
We feel therefore that it is the responsibility of the RIBA and the UIA to help to address this unique situation of injustice in architecture and building, and hold to account the professional institution of any member country of the UIA where its members continue to involve themselves in illegal architectural practices that are considered as aiding war crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The UIA is affiliated to the UN via its association with UNESCO, and thus it should be well aware of Israel’s breaches of over 65 UN Resolutions, again something that is unique amongst world countries. The UIA is hence in danger of becoming inadvertently complicit in the injustice and agenda of decades of ethnic cleansing in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. These illegal practices by Israel will never stop unless a clear message is sent to the IAUA that there is a price to pay for their intractability and denial, and so the UIA needs to call on the IAUA to cease immediately their continuing professional misconduct.
We sincerely hope that the RIBA will continue to facilitate and support this very urgent motion to the UIA General Assembly in August, and indeed it should placed high on the latter's agenda, not kicked into the long grass. Our duty as professionals implies that we take an ethical stance to promote justice and create a world of peace and equality, just as we equally call for excellence in design. Hence the request to uphold the UIA's resolutions, ethics and accords must not be denied to the Palestinian people at this critical stage.
Given the extensive Israeli pressure now being placed on the RIBA Council Motion, Palestinian architects and building professionals risk being rendered absent from the debate. Instead, we strongly urge that our voice must be heard. If equality and parity is to be offered within any democratic body, then the motion needs to be put forward by the RIBA and then reach the UIA for the international community to decide.
This is the year of Nelson Mandela. The UIA General Assembly’s meeting will be taking place in Mandela’s home country, amongst a people who fought long and hard against similar injustice and who successfully managed eventually to get their voice heard at the UIA.
We as Palestinians follow in the steps of Mandela. The UIA has a chance to show its moral and professional integrity, and this should not be thrown away. We therefore call on the RIBA Council to stay firm in regard to the noble and moral position it is taking. We also urge you to consider this as an emergency motion to be tabled on the main agenda of the General Assembly.
Signed by the following Palestinians architects, planners and building professionals:
  No.   Full Name - English Language   Work Place   Nationality   
  1   Eng. Ahmed Edaily   The Palestinian Engineers Association Chairman   Palestinian   
  2   AMJAD A SHUAIBI   The Palestinian Society of Architects Vice Chairman, UIA REGION 2 MEMBER CANDIDATE   Palestinian   
  3   Shadi Sami Ghadban   Birzeit University- Department of Architectural Engineering   Palestinian   
  4   Hani Abu Diab   Palestine Society of Architects.    Palestinian   
  5   Ahmad Said Zagha   Ramallah - Palestine   Palestinian   
  6   Suad Amiry   Riwaq   Palestinian   
  7   Hasan Al Madhoun   Association of Engineers - Gaza   Palestinian   
  8   Fida Touma   Riwaq   Palestinian   
  9   Osama abd allah saleh bani odeh   An-Najah National University, Nablus   Palestinian   
  10   Nadia Faiq Habash   HCE, BZU, Ramallah Municipality Council, Bisan   Palestinian   
  11   Farid Al- Qeeq   Academic, Islamic University of Gaza   Palestinian   
  12   Abdullah Mohammed Quariq   Ministry of Education   Palestine   
  13   Ma'muon Abu Rayyan   Engineering Association   Palestinian   
  14   Rani Daoud   Ministry of Local Government   Palestinian   
  15   Eng. Ahmad Abdullah AL Ghool   Vocational Training Center - YMCA   Palestinian   
  16   Ayman Zuayter,   Architect, Engineering Association   Palestinian   
  17   Dalia Nael Hasan Amleh   Environment Quality Authority   Palestinian   
  18   Ranad Shqeirat   RIWAQ   Palestinian   
  19   Mohamad Abu Ajamiyeh   Engineering Association, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  20   Dr. Samar Nazer    Landscape Architect, Academic, Birzeit University    Palestinian   
  21   maysoun ahmed hodaly   Beirzeit Municipality   Palestinian   
  22   Shireen Al Qadi   Palestine Polytechnic University   Palestinian   
  23   Anton Z Stephan   Community development group   Palestinian   
  24   Eman Yousef Ismail   University College of Applied Sciences- Gaza   Palestine   
  25   Riyad m. Abu Zaid   Palestine   Palestinian   
  26   Mahmoud Husnie Issa   USAID   Palestinian   
  27   Faiq Mari   Birzeit University   Palestinian   
  28   Najeeb Hajji   Palestine Capital Market Authority   Palestinian   
  29   Khaled Qamhieh   An-Najah N. University   Palestinian   
  30   Wissam sater hussein   Ministry of public works and housing   Palestine   
  31   Jamal Obaid   Ministry of public work   Palestinian   
  32   Yara Sharif   Palestine Regeneration Team, Palestine, UK   Palestinian   
  33   Fathi Abu Mughli,   Former Minister of Health, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  34   Salem Thawaba   Birzeit University   Palestinian   
  35   Riyad Shaban M. Shabet   Islamic university - Gaza   Palestinian   
  36   Rula Rafie Tawil   Ministry of local government   Palestinian   
  37   Rami R. Lubbad   Ministry of Telecommunication and IT   Palestine   
  38   Abdullah Herzallah   Birzeit university   Palestinian   
  39   Abed Elraheem Hamad   Islamic University of Gaza   Palestinian   
  40   Vera Tamari   Artist, Birzeit University   Palestinian   
  41   Luay Al-Sharif   An-Najah National University   Palestinian   
  42   Ehab Jamal Esmail Abo NJI   Palestinian Energy And Natural Resources Authority - PENRA   Palestinian   
  43   Isam A. Awwad   Madar Consulting Engineers-Ramallah.   Palestinian   
  44   Lana Judeh   RIWAQ   Palestinian   
  45   Rawan Khader Mousa Ghaben   Habash Consulting Engineers   Palestinian   
  46   Yousef mohammed yousef nawaj'a   Palestine   Palestinian   
  47   Khaled Abdullah   Saudi Arabia   Jordanian   
  48   Rawan masharqa   Palestine   Palestinian   
  49   Adeeb darali   Ramallah Palestine   Palestinian   
  50   Asmaa Hithnawi   Germany   Palestinian   
  51   Nadi elayyan   Ramallah   Palestinian   
  52   Ghada Mubarak   France   Palestinian   
  53   Mutheer Hafeth Hasan Suleeman   Saudi Arabia   Palestinian   
  54   Nabeel Shalaldeh   Palestine   Palestinian   
  55   Shahd, w.   Jerusalem   Stateless (Palestinian)   
  56   Ihab Nidal M Masalmah   Ramallah-Palestine   Palestinian   
  57   Ammar Ali Wahidi   Osos Engineering & Design   Palestinian   
  58   HAZEM FAROUQ NUMAN   JEDDAH, KSA   Palestinian   
  59   Rustom Khalayleh   Toronto   Canadian   
  60   Ahmad Khalilia   Turkey   Palestinian   
  61   Mahmoud Jalal Alawneh   Ramallah- Palestine   Palestinian   
  62   Wafiq J Masood Abozeineh   Nablus / Qabalan Eng Office   Palestinian   
  63   Natasha Aruri   Urbanist and Researcher   Palestinian   
  64   mays emad baker   Palestine   Jordan   
  65   sulayma abu zeiadeh   Ramallah   Palestinian   
  66   Jawida Mansour   LWF   Palestinian   
  67   Eman Ellian Abu Eida   Abu Dhabi- U.A.E   Palestine   
  68   Anwar Arafat   Palestine - Ramallah   Palestinian   
  69   nagham Ali hasan    Palestinian   
  70   Dana akila   Gaza   Palestinian   
  71   Abdelnaser A.Ba'ara   Nablus   Palestinian   
  72   aqil bader   Aqil bader office   Palestinian   
  73   Sanabel Khalid Al-Nakhala   Gaza   Palestinian   
  74   Reem NH   Ma3alem   Palestinian   
  75   Ruba jadallah   Nablus   Palestinian   
  76   rana alghoul   Jericho   Palestinian   
  77   shuruq jaber   Ramallah   Palestinian   
  78   Zainab Ibrahim Saeed Dweikat   -   Palestinian   
  79   Ahmed R Meghary   Gaza   Palestinian   
  80   Mohammed Abedrabo   Water Dept   Palestinian   
  81   khaled waleed sami abu nameh   Jenin   Palestinian   
  82   Mahmoud H M Amour   Palestine   Palestinian   
  83   Methaq shuaa zghaibi   Habash consulting engineers   Palestinian   
  84   Diala Isid Ibrahim Isid   Ramallah/Palestine   Palestinian   
  86   Mosab mohamad al zohoor   Hebron- Palestine   Palestinian   
  87   Samir Jamil Alzeir   Germany   Palestinian   
  88   Khitam Rashad Jarrar   Ramallah   Palestinian   
  89   Aya Tahhan   Palestine   Palestinian   
  90   Belal abdul-qader jawabra   KSA   Palestinian   
  91   Muhammad Salah   UAE   Palestine   
  92   Roba Omar Shaker Nayfeh   Palestine   Palestinian   
  93   Mohammad Abuhammad   IDMC-Ramallah   Palestinian   
  94   Tariq Shawar   Centre of Architectural System   Jordanian   
  95   zaid yousef ahmed marei   Tulkarem   Palestine   
  96   Ahmad Subhi Kamel Odeh   Jenin   Palestinian   
  97   Rana Abughannam   Birzeit university   Palestinian   
  98   Mutasim M. A. Khdoor   Mass engineering-Ramallah   Palestinian   
  99   Mutasim M. A. Khdoor   Mass engineering-Ramallah   Palestinian   
  100   George N Bassous   CCC   Palestinian   
  101   Salem Al Qudwa   Gaza, Palestine   Palestinian   
  102   Wisam Yacoub   UAE   Palestinian   
  103   wafa kalil qabaja   zilal office   Palestinian   
  104   ahlam Abd majeed Abd Hameed Muhtaseb   Al-Adeeb Arch. Office   Palestinian   
  105   khaled bakeer   Palestine   Palestinian   
  106   Fatina Hodali   Architectural Office - Ramallah   Palestinian   
  107   Mohammad M. A.   Palestine   Palestinian   
  108   luay M.W Ayoub Qaisi   Hebron Governorate   Palestinian   
  109   yousef mwaffaq yousef khatib   ziadah office   Palestinian   
  110   Saad A Qawasmeh   Hebron   Palestinian   
  111   Heba A.A Bader   Palestine   Palestinian   
  112   Mohammad abdelraof al Qawasmi   Hebron   Palestinian   
  113   Nour Khraim   Nablus   Palestinian   
  114   Ragheb Malhas   Saudi Arabia   Palestinian   
  115   Aabdelrahmman Mohammad Abumansour   UAE-Dubai   Jordanian   
  117   yamen Mohammad matar   Palestine Gaza   Palestinian   
  118   Abdallah Abd Alhaq   Nablus   Palestine   
  119   Mahmoud Mohammad Sobuh   Jenin   Palestinian   
  120   Adeeb Hamdi Mohammad Alnatsheh   Hebron   Palestinian   
  121   Maysaa N. Y. Awad   Gaza-Palestine   Palestinian   
  122   Maysaa N. Y. Awad   Gaza-Palestine   Palestinian   
  123   Mohammad Assad Ibrahim   Riyadh, KSA   Jordanian   
  124   Ala EL dein Ibraheim El sheikh Eid   Gaza   Palestinian   
  125   Alaa Hassan Alawi   engineers' association   Palestinian   
  126   Taha Alshanti   Palestine   Palestinian   
  127   Somoud Ahmed Falah Farraj   Ramallah-Palestine   Palestinian   
  128   Somoud Ahmed Falah Farraj   Ramallah-Palestine   Palestinian   
  129   Zeina Mamoun Mahmoud Daghlas   Callu   Palestinian   
  130   Ayman Wazwaz   Palestine,<>    Palestinian   
  131   Naser M Hamoudeh   NYC   American   
  132   Omar A.R. Thiban   Ramallah   Palestinian   
  133   Mohammad Hasan Said Khalaf   Nino engineering consulting   Palestinian   
  134   Amjad Faisalzagha   Palestine   Palestinian   
  135   Qousai Moussa   Mech. Eng.   Palestinian   
  136   Khalil Ibrahim Abdullah al bayouk   Architect   Palestinian   
  137   Munther Barakat   Birzeit University   Palestinian   
  138   Momtaz Khaled Sadeq   Ramallah   Palestinian   
  139   Saleem Ahmad Amani   Riyadh   Syrian   
  140   fakhry mohammad zohdy asaad salhab   alareen office   Palestinian   
  141   Ibrahim Abu Thorya   Germany   German   
  142   muath adel Abdullah abu ismail   dubai-uae   Jordan   
  143   Muain qasem   King Saud University   Jordanian   
  144   Fathi Abu Mughli,   Former Minister of Health, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  145   Sahar Qawasmi   Riwaq   Palestinian   
  147   Yara Hamdi   Architect, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  148   Ruba Saleh   Architect, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  149   Rawan Sharaf   Architect, Jerusalem, former Director of Al Hosh Gallery   Palestinian   
  150   Nisreen, Karsou   Architect, UK   Palestinian   
  151   Riyam Kafri   Academic, Al Quds-BARD University   Palestinian   
  152   Tami Rafidi   Academic, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  153   Lubna Farhat   Ramallah   Palestinian   
  154   Ruba Saleem   Riwaq, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  155   Rama Mari   Film Director, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  156   Jamal Abdallah   Ramallah   Palestine   
  157   Christine Alloush   Architect, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  158   Khalid Al Wazani   Architect, UAE   Palestinian   
  159   Omar Mohammad   Architect, UK   Palestinian   
  160   Ola Slama   Gaza   Palestinian   
  161   Suzan Abu Farha   Architect, Jenin   Palestinian   
  162   Samiha Abu Meizer   Architect, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  163   Dana Massad,   Architect, Ramallah   Palestinian   
  164   Dima Khoury    Architect, Bethlehem   Palestinian   
  165   Farouk Yaghmour    Yaghmour Architects, Engineering Association, Jordan   Palestinian   
  166   Loay Tannous   Architect, Lebanon   Palestinian   
  167   Wisam Manasra   Architect, UAE, Hebron   Palestinian   
  168   Amer Sharif    Architect, Nablus   Palestinian   
  169   Nesma, Riyad Al Saqqa    Architect, Academic, Gaza   Palestinian   
  170   Zahra Zawawi   Architect, Academic, Nablus   Palestinian   
  171   Rawan El-Bajeh    Engineer, Habash Consulting Engineers   Palestinian   
  172   Ibrahim Abu Rabi'   Architect, Habash Consulting Engineers    Palestinian   
  174   Sameh A.J Al Nabriss   Alyousef Office   Palestinian   
  175   Rubin Darwish Khatib   Ramallah   Palestinian   
  176   maysaa El-Runtisi   Gaza   Palestinian   
  177   Hussain M. Hussain   Gaza   Palestinian   
  178   Bashar A. Bitar   Jordanian Engineers Association   Jordanian   
  179   Kamalain shaath   The Islamic University of Gaza   Palestinian   
  180   yahya alastal   Khan Younis Municipality   Palestinian   
  181   Anas J. Abumunshar   OSU   Palestinian   
  182   Dr K Shaweesh   UK   British   
  183   jebeir a z dahman   Gaza       
  184   Mohammed Shaath   UK   British   
  185   Hisham A. M. Dirawi   Deir Al balah Municipality       
  186   Luay Dwaikat   University Technology Malaysia   Palestinian   
  187   Naser TH. A. Mughrabi   Amman Ahlyiie University   JORDAN   
  188   Maher abdel mohssen jaber   Ministry of local Government   Palestinian   
  189   salam jawdat   Ministry of planning   Palestinian   
  190   hatem Is. ghaith   Ministry of Education & Higher Education   Palestinian   
  191   Salam M. El zibda   UN   Palestinian   
  192   Jumanah Azzam A.wasfi Awad   Ramallah municipality       
  193   Montaser Mohammed Bakroun   Ministry of Transportation   Palestinian   
  194   Naser TH. A. Mughrabi   Amman Ahlyie University   JORDAN   
  195   hatem Is. ghaith   Ministry of Education & Higher Education   Palestinian   
  196   Mohammad sayel hamed fuqaha       Palestinian   
  197   mohammad Al-Massri   Saudi Arabia   Palestinian   
  198   salem safadi       Palestinian   
  199   awny naim naim   PENRA   Palestinian   
  200   MAHER D. NAMMARI   MIMAR Engineering Consultancies   JORDANIAN   
  201   yasmeen ishaq halahleh   Hebron   Palestinian   
  202   Nadia F Goussous   Dimensions   Jordanian   
  203   Hassan Mohammed Elkhoudary   First Company   Palestinian   
  204   mohammed maher abu assi   Electrical engineer   Palestinian   
  205   Malak Maher Al Rajab   Global communities   Palestinian   
  206   Moussa khaled salem   GAZA   Palestinian   
  207   Abdullah abdrabo altahraw   GAZA   Palestinian   
  208   Motasem S H Abu Alqumboz   UTP   Palestinian   
  209   Bahaa N. Budair   GAZA   Palestinian   
  210   Maher Rafik Massa   Gaza   Palestinian   
  211   mohammed M. Al-Haddad       Palestinian   
  212   Jihad  Ahmoud mohammed kmail   Ziadah Consultant - Ramallah   Palestinian   
  213   Abdelrahman Shtayeh   PIEFZA   Palestinian   
  214   Jumana Al Hassani   Bitar Consultants   JORDAN   
  215   Bisan Ghassan Ibraheem Odeh   JERUSALEM   PALESTINE   
  216   Hamza Abdullah Burghal   mo'tan and khatieb consultants   Palestinian   
  217   Mohammad K. Atawneh   Consolidated Consultants   Palestinian   
  218   Ali M A Almusaddar   Palestine   Palestinian   
  219   Charles Issa Kidess   Amara architects   Palestinian   
  220   Reham Murrar   Amara architects   Palestinian   
  221   Dima Abed Al-Karim   Amara architects   Palestinian   
  222   Ahmad Daraghmah   Amara architects   Palestinian   
  223   Mohammed I.M. Milhem   Amara architects   Palestinian   
  224   Baha' Yousef Mohammad Al-Jaradat   Amara architects   Palestinian   
  225   Fawzi Fahmi Dibis   Amara architects   Palestinian   
  226   Deema Yaser Fahmi Hassoneh   Hebron   Palestinian   
  227   RAMEZ AL ASHQAR   GAZA   Palestinian   
  228   Abedallh Elsedodi   Gaza   Palestinian   
  228   Rawia   ETC   Palestinian  

Copied to Mr Albert Dubler
International Union of Architects

Posted on 01-06-2014

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