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PACBI-No Rendezvous with Israeli Apartheid: InCACBI appeals to the students and teachers of IIT Delhi to protest collaboration with the Israeli embassy at the IIT Rendezvous 2014

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InCACBI | InCACBI | 14 October 2014

No Rendezvous with Israeli Apartheid: InCACBI appeals to the students and teachers of IIT Delhi to protest collaboration with the Israeli embassy at the IIT Rendezvous 2014

The Israeli state consistently and ruthlessly tramples on the academic freedom and cultural life of the Palestinian people. When Palestinian students and teachers are not allowed to reach their universities because of permit laws and checkpoints; when universities and schools are levelled by bombs and tanks, food, textbooks, and medical supplies are prohibited from entering Gaza; and when artistic events are closed down in Jerusalem, none of the foundational principles on which academic and cultural contact are based can ever be fulfilled.

Just a few months back, Israel unleashed yet another wave of attacks on Gaza as well as the West Bank. The repression continues in what is supposed to be a time of ceasefire, as do the ongoing realities of occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and the rampant discrimination against Palestinians within Israel.

Associating with the instruments of such a state is unconscionable to any freedom loving person. This is why we appeal to you to protest against involving the Israeli Embassy or any other institution associated with the Israeli state in the Annual Inter-College Cultural Fest of IIT Delhi, Rendezvous 2014.  

The student organisers of the Annual Inter-college Cultural Fest of IIT Delhi, a public event called Rendezvous (, host Confluence, a series of performances from various countries. The event is usually organised in collaboration with the respective embassies. In fact, the front row seats are reserved for the embassy representatives. This year, in collaboration with the Israeli embassy, Confluence/ Rendezvous will be hosting the Israeli group Shai Maestro on Sunday 19 Oct 2014 at 8 pm.

Should Israel be admitted into the global cultural arena when it does not respect international law and recognize the Palestinian people s right to freedom, equality and justice? At a time when the international movement to isolate Israel is gaining ground in response to the escalation of Israel’s colonial and racist policies, should we hold events sponsored by the Israeli embassy, representative of the Israeli state in India?


We appeal to students, teachers and all citizens of conscience to join us in protesting against the involvement of the Israeli Embassy in the IIT fest. Israel’s policies cannot be whitewashed with “culture” or “festivals”. In the spirit of international solidarity and resistance to injustice and oppression, we call on the student organisers of Rendezvous 2014 to withdraw from their partnership with the Israeli Embassy Consul. And we call on all fellow Indians to comprehensively and consistently boycott all Israeli cultural partnerships between Israel and India.



For The Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel


(Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel)




Githa Hariharan, Convenor (Writer)

N Pushpamala, Convenor (Artist)

Sukumar Muralisharan, Convenor (Journalist)

Prabir Purkayastha, Convenor (Delhi Science Forum)

Saeed Mirza (Film-maker)

Vivan Sundaram (Artist)

K Satchidanandan (Writer)

Aijaz Ahmad (Literary Critic and Cultural Commentator)

Seema Mustafa (Journalist)

Ritu Menon (Writer, Publisher)

Anuradha  Chenoy (Academic)

C.P. Chandrasekhar (Academic)

Ayesha Kidwai (Academic)

Mohan Rao (Academic)

Imrana  Qadeer (Academic)

Jayati Ghosh (Academic)

Kalpana  Kannabiran (Academic)

Kamal Mitra Chenoy (Academic)

Nandini Sundar (Academic)

Nivedita  Menon (Academic)

Prabhat Patnaik (Academic)

Rajni Palriwala (Academic)

Sumit Sarkar (Academic)

T Jayraman (Academic)

Tanika Sarkar (Academic)

Uma Chakravarthy (Academic)

Gargi Sen, (Film-maker)

Amar Kanwar (Film-maker)

Anand Patwardhan (Film-maker)

Saba Dewan (Film-maker)

Ira Bhaskar (Film-maker)

Ein Lall (Film-maker)

Ritu Menon (Publisher)

Achin Vanaik (Academic)

Pamela Philipose (Journalist)

M.K. Raina (Theatre)

Ram Rahman (Artist)

Sheba Chhachhi (Artist)

Ayisha Abraham (Artist)

Geeta Kapoor (Art Critic)

Meena Menon (Writer)

Moloyshree Hashmi (Theatre)

Saba Hasan (Artist)

And 200 other members of InCACBI

Posted on 15-10-2014

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