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NWSA | 21 November 2014

Feminists for Justice in Palestine

We, the undersigned members of the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA), endorse the call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), issued by a broad coalition of Palestinian civil society in 2005.

As feminist scholars, activists, teachers, and engaged intellectuals we recognize the interconnectedness of systemic forms of oppression (including genocide, slavery, racism, sexism, homophobia, class-based oppression, Islamophobia, ablelism, ageism and more) and the transformative potential of resistance  and solidarity in all our communities as well as across divides and borders. We cannot overlook the injustice and violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, perpetrated against Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, within Israel as well as the colonial displacement of millions.
Our counterparts in Palestine face daily violations of their academic and human rights to free speech, assembly, association, and movement. At the same time, Israeli institutions of higher learning that have not challenged, but instead legitimized, Israel’s oppressive policies and violations. These violations, which severely impact the daily lives and working conditions of Palestinian scholars, students, and the society at large, are enabled by US tax dollars and the tacit support of western powers, thus making us all complicit.
As members of NWSA, committed to an indivisibility of justice, we affirm our commitment to including the historical and current injustices in Palestine, among the multiple oppressions we study and teach about.
We call upon NWSA to join other professional associations that passed similar resolutions in the past year. These associations include: the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, the American Studies Association, the Association of Asian American Studies, the Association of Critical Ethnic Studies, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) and more than 500 Anthropologists.

Posted on 22-11-2014

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