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PACBI-No Hipster Apartheid! Petition to Keep @SXSW Creative, Not Criminal

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3 March 2015

No Hipster Apartheid! Petition to Keep @SXSW Creative, Not Criminal

South by Southwest (SXSW) -- an international festival for artists, filmmakers, and techies -- is planning to host a series of Israeli government-sponsored events as part of the "Brand Israel" propaganda campaign. 

Join artists and member groups in appealing to festival organizers below to refuse to be a platform for whitewashing Israel's war crimes.


We urge SXSW to cancel its planned events with the Government of Israel and to refuse to lend its name to Israel's efforts to whitewash settler colonialism. 

The scheduled events of “Israel: Land of Creation” and “Israel: Small Country, Big Ideas” are clear examples of Israel’s rebranding campaign, which was explicitly designed to put a “prettier face” on Israel in the face of worldwide outrage over its massacres and apartheid policies targeting the Palestinian people. Israel is particularly anxious to shift public opinion following this summer’s brutal assault on Gaza, killing thousands, including more than 500 children. By knowingly providing a platform for Israel’s propaganda efforts, SXSW becomes a participant in them. 

SXSW has long been a cherished mecca for art, innovation, and revolutionary thinking. Please ensure it stays that way by heeding the call, Keep SXSW Creative, Not Criminal: No Hipster Apartheid!

Posted on 03-03-2015

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