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PACBI-Open letter from Boykot Israel Denmark to The Danish Football Association

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25 March 2015

Open letter from Boykot Israel Denmark to The Danish Football Association



Boykot Israel Denmark calls on The Danish Football Association (Dansk Bold-Union - DBU) to support the proposal to expel the Israeli Football Association (IFA) at FIFA’s Congress in Zürich May 28 and 29, 2015.




Israel breaks the FIFA rules which forbid racism and apartheid by occupying Palestine, committing massacres in Gaza and harassing Palestinian footballers, who


by routine are denied any possibility to circulate inside as well as outside the occupied Palestine whether to training centres or to matches. 




Likewise, the Israeli army has destroyed stadiums several times and prevented football spectators and fans from travelling to matches.




On June 16, 1976,  the FIFA congress in Montreal decided to expel South Africa from FIFA as a response to the South African apartheid policy. Nelson Mandela and the Nobel Peace Price winner and arch bishop Desmond Tutu have stated that the Israeli apartheid is worse than the South African apartheid was.






Therefore: Give the red card to Israel!





Boykot Israel Kampagnen – –






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Posted on 26-03-2015

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