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Palestinian Performing Arts Network | 19 October 2015

End the Longest Occupation in History

We, organizations and individuals that make up the majority of the Palestinian cultural sector; musicians, circus artists, actors, and dancers, call upon our fellow cultural workers and organizations around the world to condemn Israel's deliberate and systematic policies of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid against the Palestinian people.


Despite all the hardships, Palestinian arts and cultural institutions continue to work in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, using the arts to mobilize and educate.


In recent weeks, the occupying Israeli military and armed Israeli settlers have deliberately killed and targeted innocent children and youth, burned farming lands, homes, mosques and churches, and have instituted policies of attacking and dividing Palestinian Holy Sites. These premeditated policies of provocations, collective punishment and deep rooted racism against the Palestinian people requires now more than ever a voice of support, courage and humanity to be heard in Palestine and across the world.



Please find links depicting Israeli aggression and blatant racism against the Palestinian people:                               


We call upon our fellow artists and cultural workers and organizations to:

  •  Discredit and oppose mainstream manipulation of news and facts;
  •  Continue your solidarity, advocacy and lobbying with regards to the injustice that Palestinian people have witnessed;
  •  Pressure your governments to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine, dismantling the Israeli settlements and Separation wall and barriers  and support international protection for Palestinians;
  •  Support and endorse the Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), thereby boycotting and refusing to be complicit in the  ongoing occupation until Israel fully abides by International Humanitarian Laws.
  •  Share your statement or action with us by e-mailing to

Posted on 20-10-2015

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